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Diablo II UsEast Non ladder Chaosing, Baaling, and Gubering.
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 Austin's top 5

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PostSubject: Austin's top 5   12/2/2008, 2:29 am

~~~~Clan Gow Chaos runners~~~~
~~My top 5 pix for the past month.~~

=1. Prematurez - shows great potential. level headed, gg chaos/baal runner. You got my # 1 pick.

=2. Hio (I havedied) For someone who just lost everything they had he has shown attributes such as loyalty to the clan, good leadership and any chaos games you see him in ends within 2 minutes. thx alot frank

=3.Noke(respect_killer) I tested and granted access to him personally and he has skyrocketed to 1 of our top 3 chaos runners. GJ Bro.

=4. Fenix Soldier I dont know if yall noticed this. but fenix is one focused kid. How the hell did he do 200 runs in 24 hours? =D Gj fenix youve increased our fan base tremendously.

=5. Ahh last but not least the top 5's final pick is......Sputnik_kintups! Oh how do we all love to listin in on his wacky and wierd conversations with other people on pertaining to a multitude of topics most of witch i will not recite incase there are any children reading this. Not only has he kept our spirits up hes even named his hdin "IwantToChaosRun". What more could you want from a runner? Thx alot for promoting the clan and keeping everyone happy.

That concludes this months top 5 runners. Ty 4 reading
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Austin's top 5
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