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Diablo II UsEast Non ladder Chaosing, Baaling, and Gubering.
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 Rules Of GoW

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PostSubject: Rules Of GoW   11/1/2008, 5:33 pm

Every great foundation has rules to enforce the guidlines of their institution.
The Same goes for Godz Of War.
You can Either follow these rules or get banned for good.

  • Try not to Cuss too much
  • Dont be raciest (depending on the admin you may be banned, other times warned then banned)
  • Listen to the runners rules.
  • Do not spam.
  • Try to keep drama down to a minamum.
  • Keep tradeing in the channel to a minamum.
  • Do not scam other runners.
  • Do not scam any one else.
  • Do not Pk The runs.
  • Do not Lure in runs.

**Failure to comply will result in a ban//Tempban
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Rules Of GoW
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